The Keys to Mastering the Email and Text Game

In a modern world, that we are living today, the use of email and text are rampant. And it is the most trending way of communicating to someone, not just you dearly loved but in other ways like business matters. So how do you respond an email? In my case, I checked first those emails that are at the bottom and then read it until it reaches the top. Why? Because the ones on the bottom might contain important emails that need an abrupt reply.

OK, for those people engaged in the corporate world, you may answer your emails late at night. It will only take you 20 minutes to do that. The advantage of answering it late at night is, you can be able to do things. Like, having fun in the morning, have a perfect dinner with someone, and after which you are ready to send and read emails again ones you are back at your desk. For those people who are using their phone for answering emails, it is a pretty smart idea to do that BUT, never do it in public places like having a coffee with a friend or colleague. WHY, because you might miss the opportunity to connect and mingle with real people.

According to David Wygant, text messaging could also be a lot of fun, but it is quite annoying. Wygant stretches out that when texting, you might ponder this questions, when is the right time to let a conversation die? When is the right time to keep the conversation going? Make sure that when texting, always make the conversation fun. What if you have something to do? Just simply say, “Would it be fine, if I text you later, I’ve just got some abrupt errands to do. Can we text later?”

To read more about the keys to mastering the email and text game, check out ‘David Wygant’ website, or simply click the link below. Have a fun weekend ahead!

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