The Most Incredible Table You'll Ever See

A 12 pointed star sits in the middle. All 962 components are designed on cad. Many of the pieces are hand made. It is a marvel of engineering and design. Originally based on the Robert Jupe design patented in 1835, furniture maker, David Fletcher spent 15 years re working the the design. The end result is magnificent!

Each table is hand built. There is no mass production here. Any type of lumber may used and is up to the owners whims and wishes. David and his crew have even built one out of stone and are working on a design for a glass top table. The 12 pointed star at the center of the table allows for smaller leaves and this allows all the leaves to be stored within the table it self. This is where David's design differs from the Jupe design. Also unique to David's table is the skirting on the top of the table that allows the table to retain it's round shape at all times.

By simply turning the top you can expand your eating space or shrink it down! No more fiddling with sticky table leaves. No more pushing and pulling to get the table to extend or decrease as your holiday company comes and goes. No more needing to find a place to store those pesky leaves when all the family has left after the holidays.

Initial setup is done by Fletcher himself or one of his employees. Once set up is complete all you have to do is determine the size of table you need, lay out the dinnerware and enjoy the company of friends and family. Check out this incredible table on the 'Fine Wood Working' website. By selecting the link below, watch and listen as David Fletcher shows you how this piece came to be and how it works. Bon appetit!

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