The Most Innovative Way to Grow Potatoes for Personal Use is Here!

Potatoes are one of our most versatile, satisfying and nutritious comfort foods. Prepared in varieties of ways, potatoes are one food we rarely tire of eating day after day. Imagine having your own continual supply of fresh potatoes in an attractive deck planter.

There are many ways to grow potatoes whether or not you have garden space to spare. Traditionally potatoes were planted in the ground and dug up all at once when the majority of the growth was complete. However, it is possible to harvest potatoes from a plant and let it continue to grow and produce as long as you can access the roots without uprooting the entire plant. This can be difficult if the plant is in the ground but fortunately potatoes lend themselves well to container gardening.

Creative rustic gardeners use recycled items like burlap sacks or old tires as potato containers. Potato towers made from a cylinder of hardware cloth filled with soil, leaves, compost and seed potatoes is another option. However, these designs do not allow for easy access to the plant roots without uprooting the plant.

This attractive wood framed potato barrel is equipped with a door for easy access to growing potatoes below the plant. You simply open up the door and reach inside to pull out your fresh potatoes for dinner. This system also prevents the common problem of damage resulting from piercing the potatoes while digging them up. Imagine new baby potatoes roasted with fresh rosemary from your garden and cracked black pepper, topped with a pat of butter. This would be a delicious and satisfying accompaniment to any meal.

The barrel is large enough to accommodate up to four plants, allowing space to try out a few different potato varieties. There are many heritage seed potatoes available, each plant having it's own unique properties and ideal uses.

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