The Perfect Time To Text A Woman

Is there really a 'Perfect Time' to text a woman? Hey, guys! Do you ever wonder about what time you SHOULD text your girl? *silence* Wait, there is a right time to text a woman? You sound so surprised. Well, honestly, I am shocked also to know that there are perfect times to text a woman although I am a woman.*winks* Anyway, this article has provided us or you guys, some tips about when to text a girl. Boys, are you ready to know these tips? Well, yeah. Id like to know. Great! Lets get started!

According to David Wygant, you should only text on the twos and fours. Never text her on the threes or the ones. Texting her in the middle of the afternoon is also a sound idea. If you think about sending her a text around 11:14 or 2:14, think again. If you text at 12:14 or 1:14, it looks like you were texting during lunch and didnt have anyone to talk to, says Wygant. Well, that doesnt sound nice for some women, does it? Also, texting your woman at 11:14 or 2:14 sounds like youre getting a life. It looks like you texted her at 11:14 because you just have your morning meeting, or maybe you are able to hang out for a little bit and got some work done. An early in the morning text is also good. Well, this is my favorite. *winks* However, Wygant advises to text her at 8:44, because for him, its a great time to text. 8:14 a.m. texts to your girl dont work out well. It looks like youve obsessed about her for 44 minutes in the morning, shares Wygant.

So these are the tips that Wygant has shared to you guys. What about you? Youre a woman. Do you think the perfect time to text a woman matters? Is there a real physcology behind the whole texting dating scene. It is interesting to hear the man's opinion on this for sure. Women love to know you are thinking about them, but maybe how and when a guy text you can tell you something more about his personality type.

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