The Quickest Way To Make Your Own Organic Seed-Starting Soil

Did you know that you can avoid toxic chemicals in your seed-starting soil by quickly and easily making your own organic blend? When you do it yourself, youll know exactly what goes into it, and can rest assured that your plants are absorbing high-quality, all-natural nutrients.

Starter soil basically consists of three main organic ingredients vermiculite, sphagnum moss, and compost mix. Vermiculite and perlite both work well, and you can even use a mixture of both. They will help absorb extra moisture when you water your seedlings so they dont get overwatered, and fungi wont develop. Sphagnum moss helps keep the soil loose, so roots can breathe and water can drain easily, and compost from your own kitchen will not only work wonders for fertilizing but youll know exactly what its made out of. You may want to experiment a little, adding other ingredients you feel might work well with different plants but these are the three basic ones that are important to start with.

It can also be a good idea to add a little water as youre blending your mix so that the ingredients will be slightly moist. You can lose a lot of mineral-rich nutrients when the soil is dry and particles float away in the form of dust.

Creating your own organic seed-starting soil is not only very healthy and practical, it can also save you a great deal of money. Buying the separate ingredients as well as providing your own compost can be much cheaper than buying a bag of commercially-mixed soil. You can also choose exactly how much you want to make at one time, rather than buying one huge bag that you may not necessarily need, for example. And, youll always know exactly what ingredients your plants are absorbing. This is especially invaluable if you are growing your own food!

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