The Season Is Right For Outdoor Log Furniture

Summer time is a time to relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather, such a fabulous time of year, and you want to be outside as much as possible too! The Season Is Right For Outdoor Log Furniture, and this beautiful log built swing, would be the perfect addition to any back yard or patio or deck space. Its so nice to have furniture outside and extend your living space out into the beautiful outdoors. Spending time outside is so important to help us balance and to come back to our centre, and what better way to do that, but on a beautiful swing!

This sweet swing is made out of northern white cedar and looks awesome as it is, but you could also stain it another colour if you felt like it. I like the natural look of the wood, with all of the knots and how it just fits so well into the natural surroundings. I like the back and how it would be very supportive, the seat is long enough that 2 or 3 people could sit on it at once, or one person could lay down on it for a little summer afternoon nap and enjoy the fresh air!

If you like wood furniture than this would be the perfect addition to your home or garden space, whether its at your full time residence, or at a cabin, you would love to have something like this to relax in. The feeling of swinging back and forth in the summer breeze is so soothing, and makes for a great thing to do in a day. With a book and a glass of home made ice tea or lemonade, you would be all set! You could even make or buy cushions to put on it for added comfort !

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