The Top 10 Female Surfers

Surfing is a rough sport. The ocean is a highly energetic and highly dangerous place and not for the faint of heart. In this modern era where we are finding equalization of the genders it is not uncommon to see activities more traditionally performed by men, now being grabbed up with enthusiasm by women.

Since Marge Calhoun (the first women's world champion in surfing), there have been many successors and incredible strong and brave women who surf. Some women simply enjoy a casual trip to the ocean to play in the small waves, while other more extreme loving women will move into the categories of surf competitions and big wave surfing. Since the community is dominated by men, you have to be a truly confident women who loves the sport from a real place in your body and heart in order to get past the surf break and out where the action happens.

One of the most challenging parts of surfing can be the paddle out from the beach past where the waves are breaking and to where you need to be in order actually catch the waves before they break and ride that sleek blue water. In order to do this, it is important to strengthen your upper body and core with consistent exercises both in and out of the water. A healthy and consistent yoga practice will also help you with this.

In terms of 'stardom' it has been said that the female surfers who are most physically attractive will get the most sponsorship, thereby increasing the ever present societal belief that beauty will bring success, even more so than talent and skill. This is a pervasive issue in every society with the idealization of the women's body over all else. This can be damaging to both women and men in how they see themselves and how they relate to the world. The most important thing that women can do in the sport of surfing is to simply enjoy the rush of the water, the waves, the fresh air and the joy that it brings, and if you so happen to be a competitive surfer and are finding that the images are not meeting your standards of how you will the world treated people no matter their level of beauty, then be the person to prove the standard wrong and keep doing what you love knowing that there are more people out there that want to see job and happiness in people, then beauty alone.

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