The Top 10 Female Tennis Players

Tennis is all about practice, commitment and a certain amount of in born talent. Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to spend your day in any weather practicing your serve, your back hand and your fitness. Tennis is not a sport for the faint of heart and requires fancy footwork, agile muscles and also a mind that is determined if you want to take it to a professional level. Upon reading these top 10's it is incredible to learn what the best of the best are paid and why they are held with such revere in the world. Although, this is true for all professional athletes. Whether you are a female or male tennis player, you will be amazed to hear about the high jack pots of prize money and a little bit about these 10 amazing athletes. So let's get started!

In the number 10 position, we have Martina Hingis, who has won $20,130,657 in prize money! She has set several youngest ever style records and has sadly retired at the young age of 22 due to injuries to her ankes.

In the number 9 position, we have Justine Henin, who has won $20,863,335 in prize money. Her claim to fame makes her one of the best volleyers ever in tennis. Men included!

In the number 8 position is Venus Williams who holds 46 titles and has collected $30,203,596 in prize money. She dominates at Wimbledon and has been ranked the No.1 in singles three times!

In the number 7 position, meet Monica Seles, who has won $14,891,762 in prize money. She has won nine Grand Slams and at the age of 16 is become the youngest ever to be included in the French Open.

In the number 6 position, is Serena Williams, with 19 Grand Slams, 65 WTA titles and having collected $66,600,779 in prize money. She is currently the number 1 woman in tennis.

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