The Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

For someone living in a third world country, one can just imagine how it feels to be in a country considered one of the richest in the world. One could not help but be curious on what they have done right to make it to the top. So, lets take a peek at Forbes list of worlds top ten richest countries in the world.

1. Qatar It was once one of the poorest gulf state and a pearl fishing centre. One cannot help but be amazed on how they have made their way to the top. This is largely due to their ability to exploit their large oil and gas fields. Their countrys GDP (PPP) per capita is $ 88,222.

2. Luxembourg - This state sits comfortably at the heart of Western Europe. This is a very small country with most of its people earning double the average earning of American worker. What makes them rich? Education and private sectors are contributors to their success. These are the factors why there is such a low unemployment rate of 5.5%. Their GDP (PPP)per capita is $ 81,466.

3. Singapore This countrys GDP (PPP) per capita is $56, 694. This is the country that used to be referred to by Dr. Albert Winsemius, Dutch Economist five decades ago, as poor little market in the dark corner of Asia. It is no longer poor nor little in terms of its economic state. Their one out of six households with at least one million in savings in a bank could attest to this.

4. Norway This is a country whose people do not indulge in ostentatious spending. You would not see them in high class night clubs or wearing designers clothes, or holding expensive bags. This is a country where most of its people trust their government to spend their money very wisely and you would not be surprised how the government can make its citizens into millionaires. Their contrys GDP (PPP) per capita is $51,959.

5. Brunei The countrys GDP (PPP) per capita is $48,333. It is rich because of petroleum and natural gas fields.

6. United Arab Emirates The countrys GDP (PPP) per capita $47, 439. It is a federation of seven states formed in 1971. When Abu Dhabi, one of its seven states, began exporting oil in 1962, the countrys society and economy has never looked back and moved its way to progress. And the rest, they say, is history.

7. United States One might be surprised why the US did not make it to the top of the list, the reason is their GDP (PPP) per capita is at $46,860, a little behind UAEs $47,439. They say money in America is promiscuous. The average household earns $42,000 a year.

8. Hongkong Their countrys GDP (PPP) per capita is $45,944. This is a country with the biggest gap between the rich and poor. Their rich people love showing off their wealth while the poor must live within their means. You may not love this idea, but Hongkong is rich anyway.

9. Switzerland the countrys GDP per capita is $41,950. This countrys policy of long term monetary security and political stability has offered a safe haven for investors. This helps to make their economy one of the most stable.

10. Netherlands The countrys GDP per capita is $40,973. Holland, which is one of its cities, has a free market economy supporting strong petroleum refining and electrical machinery industries. Their government ensures that it maintains a high standard of living for its people.

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