The White Elephant

Wow, this White Elephant tiny house is fabulous. If you need any inspiration for a tiny house project, then it's best that you read on. There are so many tiny housing projects now that will push you to be creative and be inspired to create your own. You will experience a lot of benefits living in a tiny home, and you will tell yourself the moment you decide to take this leap of faith, why have you not thought about it years ago? So if you don't know where you would invest that money you have saved, we encourage that you do it to build your tiny house. You may even do something similar to the one about to featured here.

This tiny home can be found on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Would this not be a perfect vacation spot! Living in a place like this with all the tropical environment will make you feel like youre always in paradise. This house took a year and three months to build, and its design was taken from the style of the Balinese Rice Barn. It has two floors, and you will also find a loft inside it.

The bath area is also inside, and you can find it on the terrace of the house. There are curtains that can be used to protect the privacy of anyone who will use it. If someone wants to do some kitchen action, a kitchenette is provided so you will have a great space to prepare some delicious meals! The loft in this space is ideal for meditation, so if you want a peaceful scene and complete serenity; this one is for you.

Find out more about this house by checking out Tiny House Swoon's website below and get ready for changes in your life!


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