These Guys Bought a Couple of Rusty Old Cottages. What They Did with It Them Is Fantastic.

If you like tiny house living then you'll want to see "A Matched Pair Of Cozy Stone Cottages," they fit in perfectly with their natural surroundings, and inside they feel light and spacious. The wonderful thing about these stone cottages is that you can stay in them if you'd like!

The River Tamar defines the border between Devon and Cornwall, flowing through lands that were once part of a vast estate owned by the Duke of Bedford. Just above the river are two almost identical stone cottages that were built in the mid 19th century to house the families of workers employed by the estate. Both of the tiny stone cottages had fallen into a state of complete disrepair until they were purchased by the current owners, who saw the potential in the tiny houses to use them as vacation rentals. Local craftsmen rebuilt the original stone walls in the tiny homes, installed new slate roofs, and created modern living spaces inside. The reborn stone cottages were named Little Gillyflower and Little Otterling.

On this small house site you will find tiny houses of all kinds, from Victorian gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs and new designs to clever adaptive reuses of existing buildings. Small House Bliss features small vacation houses, Arts and Crafts bungalows, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted shipping container homes, beach shacks and more. This site is captivated by small houses. Somehow they seem just right. Small houses evoke a feeling of comfort and security that larger houses often lack. Small homes have the ability to shelter us while consuming fewer resources and demanding less of our time for maintenance and cleaning. Tiny houses are both space and energy efficient. On this small living site you will find small house designs with big impact. You will find all sorts of tiny house designs, ideas and inspirations. You will be amazed at some of the tiny house designs you will find on this site, some of which include tiny sod roofed house in Demark, a grandmothers modern backyard cottage, the Birdhouse a tall and skinny tiny house, tiny house in a Pasadena bungalow court, tiny cottage on the Oregon coast, Pye's Beach house, the brick house, Hillsborough River dock house, a storybook cob cottage, a garden cottage on the river, Artwood Cottage and many more.

The small house movement also known as the tiny house movement, is a famous description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. In the United States the average size of new single family homes grew from 1,780 square feet in 1978 to 2,479 square feet in 2007, and to 2,662 square feet in 2013, despite a decrease in the actual size of the average family. Reasons for this include increased material wealth and prestige. The tiny house movement is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet. Frequently the distinction is made between small between 400 square feet and 1,000 square feet, and tiny houses that are less than 400 square feet, with some houses as small as 80 square feet. Downsizing to a tiny house is a great way to do away with large mortgages, hydro bills and all the stuff that goes into a large house, and a way to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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