These Tiny Homes Can Be Built in a Day

How do you figure out how small is too small prior to living the tiny home life? It looks like tiny homes are capturing the world by storm right now. Everywhere you turn; more and more people are more likely to downsize their lives and choose this practical way of living in a tiny home. Tiny home living might not be everyones perspective of an ideal house, but there certainly are many people drawn to the vision of a simpler life.

Nowadays, there are people who will argue that tiny houses are more popular than conventional ones. Some of the reasons why tiny homes are a good decision and a good pick are because, first of all, they are far easier to maintain. Any person who has owned a house prior to downsizing knows about the amount of energy, time, as well as the money it takes to maintain it. A smaller home requires you less of these efforts in order to accomplish the day to day tasks. Since it is tiny, less time spent in cleaning so you will have more time for family and personal projects. What are the other benefits youll get with living tiny? They are less expensive, you will acquire less debt and less risk. There will be less environmental impact, less temptation to accumulate, less decorating, what else?

Take a glance at this tiny house that built in a day and designed by a Dutch architecture firm Heijmans. It is a house made from solid wood frames and with solar panel capability. Aside from the fact that it is powered by solar energy; it is also moveable and an energy efficient kind of home. It has a bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and an outside patio. Feeling shocked that this tiny home can feel so right? Brace yourself because the good part of this is, it is not only affordable BUT you can build it anywhere in a SINGLE DAY. You may check out Good Housekeeping website or simply the click below and be inspired to what I am referring. Have fun!

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