This Gorgeous 400-Ft Cabin Has An Amazing Windowed Ceiling

This gorgeous 400 square foot cabin has an amazing windowed ceiling. While it started out as a vacation home, it has now become the owners full-time residence. Giving up their 5,000 square foot house for this tiny cabin seems crazy, until you see the spectacular interior and gorgeous setting. The cozy, snug sleeping loft is an incredible place to sleep beneath the stars as this gorgeous 400sq. foot cabin has an amazing windowed ceiling that is perfect for star gazing and adds an expansive feel to the sleeping quarters. Windows have any wonderful way of taking a small space and making it feel large, spacious and airy, something that is important in only 400 square feet.

Architect Henry York Mann designed totem pole figures to hold up the front entry, and something similar in design has been integrated into the fantastic interior central fireplace. Yellow hued woods give the interior a lovely warm glow. This little piece of heaven is situated on ten beautiful acres in British Columbia. It sits surrounded by a lovely man-made pond, complete with a stone patio perfect for sitting in the great outdoors. Cabins have a way of inviting us to slow down, to relax and escape the business of life. They beg us to get cozy and comfortable. They are magical and intriguing, especially this gorgeous 400 square foot cabin with it's amazing windowed ceiling that is featured on 'Little Things'.

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