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If you love frosting more than cake itself, you will love Cookies n Cream Cake! Layered in a cream-cheese frosting that has been chilled and mixed with crushed Oreos, this cake is not your average cake from a box. You do not have to be an Oreo fan to find this cake delicious either. Many who don't even eat Oreos normally, love this flavorful cake. The cake is served cold, but really it can be eaten anytime of the year. Try it in the summer or winter. Whether you want to make a cake for a birthday party or just to enjoy after dinner, this Cookies n Cream cake will satisfy everyones sweet tooth.

A friend of the author of this post, Marina, passed on this recipe after she couldnt stop raving about its lusciousness. It is beyond tasty, and quite simple to make. The cake batter comes from a box. You just need to mix it with a few special ingredients, top it with icing, and then your masterpiece is complete.

Oreos were first introduced to the world in 1912. Since then, they have become the most sold cookie in the United States. If you take a bite into one of these sweet treats, you will see why. You can break them apart and lick of the icing in the inside, dip them in a glass of milk, or just eat one whole. In 1912, the world was made happier with these delicious treats. Today, there are Oreo candy bars, Oreo-flavored ice creams, Oreo-flavored mochas, and Oreo cakes. Oreo has been on top of its game for over a century, and with new recipes, such as the Cookies n Cream Cake, it will likely continue be a loved cookie for many years to come.

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To make the cake you will start off by greasing and flouring either two or three pans eight inches in sizes. The amount of pans depends on how you want to layer this Oreo cookie cake recipe, two or three layers. You can prepare the cake according to the package directions on the box. You will then stir in the yummy crushed Oreos into the mixed cake batter and then divide the Oreo cake batter evenly between however many pans you decide to use. Again go to the package to see at what temperature and for how long you will need to cook the cake. Remember if you cook three layers, to check in on them a bit earlier, as they will cook a bit faster then if you do two layers. When the cakes are finished cooking (try putting a toothpick in and making sure it comes out clean to test), remove the cakes out of the oven and let them cool down completely on top of a cooking rack. Now you can start making your frosting by creaming the cream cheese and sugar. Then add some vanilla, and mix throughly.

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