This Two-Level Tiny Home Was Made Especially for Summertime Vacations (Click for Floor Plan)

Looking for a sweet little tiny home but prefer two levels to just one? Then be sure to give the “Shingle House”, this lovely micro vacation home, a moment of your time – not only does it have an upstairs, it has an upstairs patio too. With this tiny home that was especially made for summertime seaside vacations, Juliette can sit outside on the upstairs deck and watch Romeo go for a swim. At 945 square feet, this lovely shingled micro-home would be a pleasure to live in all summer long – or perhaps even all year! Pack up your family and off you go – with two bedrooms and a full bathroom downstairs, there’s plenty of room. You’ve also got a laundry room downstairs for those extra-dirty beach days, and one of the bedrooms has a full-sized walk-in closet, so you might want to claim it as your master bedroom.

Upstairs, you’ll find the kitchen and living room area as well as a wet bar and a powder room which also serves as a half bath! The designers have ingeniously divided the kitchen from the living room by including a snack bar counter – very cool! The kids can just sit on the stools and pretend they’re at the local diner, putting in their orders for breakfast. Root beer float, anyone? How about a strawberry milkshake or a chocolate sundae? Okay, those aren’t breakfast foods, but you get the idea – snack bars can be fun! And so can wet bars, if you want to invite some friends over! On this top level, you’ll also find the outside deck. Make your dinner and take it outside so you can dine beneath the moon or eat lunch while the boat traffic goes by.

The space in this two-level tiny home is very efficient and compact, optimizing built-ins for maximum space-saving potential. And just take a look at all of those cute little windows! Just imagine what it must look like on the inside, with all of that light coming in. This is such an original-looking tiny home, we’d be proud to own it. Wouldn’t you? Someone who’s written in the comments section has even said he keeps coming back to this one. We can sure understand why! Imagine spending all day at the beach and coming home to the Shingle Home. You could even paint a cute little tiny house like this an adorable bright colour – it doesn’t have to be grey like this one. How about bright red or green or yellow or blue.

We found these ePlans for the Shingle House tiny home over at the ePlans website. If you like these ePlans, there are plenty more where they came from – and not just for tiny houses, either. You’ll find ePlans for colonial houses, European houses, New American and Southwestern-style homes, and even Neoclassical, Mediterranean, and Victorian homes. In addition, they also have ePlans for A-frame houses, garages, sheds, and ranch houses. They’ve basically got ePlans for every kind of house style or structure you can think of. So if you are thinking of building your own house and you are researching house plans, this could be your best starting point. Hanley Wood is the company that owns ePlans and all of these floor plan designs come from them. They started out in 1946 when Richard B. Pollman drafted over twenty-five home plans right off the bat! They were off to the races and haven’t stopped designing floor plans since. Then, as now, those plans focused on two main things: liveability and affordability. You’ll see these two very important qualities running through every house plan available on ePlans, including this adorable Shingle House, made for your favourite seaside vacation.

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