This Ugly Duckling Shipping Container Built by an Artist Becomes a Beautiful Swan

The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” perfectly fits the description of this shipping container home. It is the ugly duckling outside but within lays the beautiful swan. It doesn't really scream “welcome home” looking at it from the outside but the inside yells class. It is where design, function and art all blend together perfectly. The artist of this home definitely made something that is very extraordinary from something that is quite common. The outside may not look stunning and is very unattractive but once you step into the inside, you will definitely let out a 'wow'. Its interior design definitely makes up for its unappealing exterior. Actually, describing its exterior as ugly could even be too much because it is actually somewhat picturesque and could somehow be likable if recycling is your thing. Your bewilderment will begin as soon as you set foot inside. Although it is not very inviting at first glance, it is a house that will definitely be love at second sight. 'Different' can be beautiful and this home is an ideal paradigm to never be fooled by only judging by the looks on the outside.

Shipping containers are generally very strong and suitable to handle all sorts of coming and going. There are even insulated shipping containers, which if you are looking to do this time of project for yourself, you might try to find since it will really help you to save on the overall heating bills as the cold months come. In the industry, if you are looking for a larger shipping container, then in fact what you want to ask about is an 'intermodular container' which is usually a standardized reusable steel box. The lengths really vary from about 8 feets to up to 56 feet, and heights will range also from 8 feet to around 10 feet.

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