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Could you live in this tiny home? This great home plan for a charming tiny home with a traditional style, is available to purchase online starting at around $300. A home like this one would be a wonderful choice to downsize to from a larger home, in the pursuit of a simpler life. With plenty of space for a small family, this home plan is perfect for people who want to live within their financial means and create a simple and content life. The small house movement is something that has been occurring for some time now. Since the fluctuations in the economy have stricken, people are weighing out their values and are desiring more practical lives. People are also concerned about their impact on the environment and how they are choosing to live on the planet Earth, so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

This small house floor plan is for a home that is a total of 929 square feet, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, laid out over two stories. The bottom level is comprised mostly of the garage, which can store two cars, or make a great home workshop or studio. The large patio hides the fact that it is a garage, and windows are placed in the garage to help it seamlessly blend in with the rest of the home. The living space is situated on the upper level of the small home with vaulted ceilings to make the space seem larger, and there is also a lovely deck off the living room at the back of the house, for outdoor living space. The kitchen, dining room and living room all flow together very nicely and have enough room for day to day use, as well as for entertaining. The master bedroom is a great size, with a walk in closet, and a window over the front of the house. The second bedroom is a fair size with it's own closet as well. All of the utilities are located on the ground level, including the hot water tank and the furnace, as well as the washer and dryer units for laundry. Some extra storage space is also provided down there too.

While this may not be everyone's dream home, it could suit a couple or a small family just fine, and give them the ability to own a house for less than any larger home. This space would also be great for a bachelor or bachelorette who wanted to own his or her own home as well. The cost to build this home would be fairly minimal, depending on the materials used, and it wouldn't take a lot of time to build either. The exterior looks lovely, and resembles a Victorian style house, with the multiple peaks in the roof pitch, and the oval shaped window. The patio on the front of the house is a very Victorian style feature and would be a wonderful place to put a couple of vintage rocking chairs and enjoy the neighborhood views.

Once the plans are purchased, you can alter them however you would like, under the advisory of a architectural technologist or designer. The plans are customizable once you purchase the licenses for them to be changed in AutoCad, which is a program used by technologists to create and modify home plans. A small home plan is just a click away for those that would like to pursue purchasing a smaller sized home, whether it is their first home, or they are downsizing after living in a large home for years. Browse the many plans available on the ePlans website from hundreds of different designers and home planners. Enjoy looking around!

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