Three Old Grain Silos Converted Into A Unique Farmhouse

It's always fun to look at original and unique tiny house designs, styles and plans from all over the world, many of these tiny homes offer up good inspiration or just the treat of seeing someone else's ideas. These Three Old Grain Silos Converted Into A Unique Farmhouse, really are worth the look.

These three old grain silos converted into a unique farmhouse are located in Yamhill County, Oregon. The farmhouse is a lovely Bed and Breakfast with an interior and exterior that work perfectly with one another. The place is called the Abbey Road Farm and there are six different kinds of tiny house suites, each with its own amazing view of the English Garden or the beautiful valley outside. Each suite has a spacious king sized bed, additional seating spots in a quality design. The largest of them is the Abbey Road Farm Ranch House which can accommodate up to six people with its three bedrooms and has two bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. You'll want to take a look at the photos of this amazing place.

All around the Abbey Road Farm are beautiful farmland and green fields, just like a lovely patchwork that surrounds the unique tiny homes. The photos of the grain silos taken in the winter inspire comfort and warmth, and make you feel invited to stay if even for a while. This would be such a nice tiny house vacation to experience in a beautiful part of the country. A great way to see a farm up close, and experience that sort of lifestyle. You will be even more amazed when you take a look inside these grain silo tiny houses, they are not rustic at all, but rather elegant. They are spacious and nicely decorated. This lovely location has lots of local wineries, nice restaurants to visit. There are also local artisans you might like to see.

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These grain silos confer an industrial feel to this B&B and the strong and imposing outside harmonizes perfectly with the soft inside. The spot is called Abbey Road Farm and lets discover together the beauty it hides inside. There are 6 different kinds of suits, each of them with an amazing view over the English Garden or the valley, spacious with a king size bed, additional seating places and high class design. The largest of them is the Abbey Road Farm Ranch House, which can accommodate up to 6 people in its 3 bedrooms and comes with 2 baths and a fully equipped kitchen. The Abbey Road Farm is an incredible place, where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. Just take a look at the pictures to convince yourself.

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