Tiny House On Wheels

Have you been dreaming of a house that you can carry anywhere you go? Or perhaps it is the one carrying you ? Many of us dream of a small house that can be with nearby even when you go camping, fishing, hunting, or just trekking around the globe. If so, then that long dream of yours can now become a reality. Thanks to the developers of 16' Tiny House on Wheels with Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs).

Since this tiny house has been built on wheels, you can bring it anywhere you want to go. For recreational activities like camping, there is no need for you to bring a tents because you can stay in your very own house. The modern feel of this tiny wheeled house is truly perfect for the modern day person who likes best of both worlds. Its outside appearance is quite sweet to look at as well. It has two different colors and designs, giving the effect of dual house.

Speaking of modern amenities, the interior is well equipped. the The walls are built with mirror tiles. Because of this, you will feel like you have wider space inside, even though it is such a small house. Don't you just love these types of visual tricks? Its walk-in shower will be much appreciated after long days adventuring. Even though the kitchen is smaller than the usual, it does not limit it to have a rack, 2-eyed stove, and medium-sized fridge. Isn't it amazing to have? What you will love the most about this tiny house is the fact that it has lighter weight. So, you can never have problem in pulling it with your car.

Now who says bringing your house anywhere you go is impossible? Well, not anymore! Visit Goods Home Design website below to see the full details and amazing pictures of this tiny house.

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