Top 10 Futuristic Hotels in the World

Hotel life is something that we all have been dreaming. Complete convenience with all the perks including room service is just among the things the hotel life is sweet. But the travel industry took the level of comfort and luxury a notch higher when they thought of creating futuristic hotels. Seeing this will shock you and probably wonder how would you start saving money now to afford their services eventually. If you want a motivation to work hard, then these hotels are just the ones you're looking for to enjoy an excellent vacation soon. Here are some of our top picks.

1. Flying Hotel- this is specifically called as the one Aeroscraft Hotel and its name stands for itself. If you are dreaming of flying cars, well this one is a flying hotel. Thanks to Worldwide Aeros Corporation for designing it as it can carry up to 180 customers. The idea for this hotel includes not just the usual like restaurants and rooms to stay but also a casino.

2. Lunatic Hotel- if you are dreaming of hanging out on the moon, then this is the hotel that you should check out, although not until 2050 when it will open. It will be one of those unique hotel experiences because it will have a twin tower that will be both 160 meters high. The crazy part is that it is a slanting tower. If you are scared of heights, it is time to overcome it by visiting this hotel once finished.

3. The Hydropolis- located in Dubai, this futuristic hotel is designed as the worlds first ever underwater resort. Sounds cool right? The estimated amount that a person would spend here per night stay is $5500.

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