Top 10 Most Unusual Gadgets And Devices

Living in this era has given us a new meaning to comfort and convenience with all the new gadgets that are available in the market for public consumption. Doesnt it feel like it's just yesterday when we were all fascinated when the beeper or pager was invented? Then analog mobile phones were created. Since then, the human race didnt stop to reinvent, enhance and even make new gadgets that would bring more convenience to our daily lives. Today we are featuring some unusual solar powered gadgets that you probably havent even encountered. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Solar Shower- if you own a beach house or if you want to install a shower in your backyard, this is something that you would want to consider. This is a shower powered by the sun. Simply use the solar panel to produce the power needed to heat water, so you could enjoy your hot shower outdoors.

2. Sunny Strap for Cameras- if youre a photographer who loves to travel, then this might just be the camera that you need. You wont have to worry about your camera running out of battery because its strap serves as its solar battery charger.

3. Solar Bikini- calling all beach lovers, we all know you love the water and the sun, but we also know that you still love to have your phone and iPod with you and its not good if they run out of battery right when you're trying to get a tan. But the solar bikini can solve that problem because it also acts as a gadget charger!

4. Solar Boat- the PlanetSolar is the worlds largest solar powered boat. It is the only boat so far that is run by the sun and nothing else.

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