Top 10 Weird Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You

The human brain is a mystery itself in the ways that it makes us perceive our surroundings. Notice how a group of humans are never all the same with the way we think and the way react in situations? It is because of our brain and this is why everything is not what it seems. Today you are about to learn some cool factoids about the weird things that your brain is doing in the area of perception. The list here will blow your mind.

1. Earworm- this is when you heard something that is so catchy that it sticks in your mind for a long period of time. Scientists call it an earworm and it is also known as a last song syndrome. If youre still singing Taylor Swifts entire album since it was released, then it is safe to say that you got yourself an earworm right there. To finally get out of it, they suggest that you solve some anagrams or even read a novel.

2. Moral Dumbfounding- we all have our different opinions about various moral issues like incest for example. Most people would agree that these things are wrong. But according to experts and psychologists who have done research about this, when people are asked about these issues; most of them dont have a real reason for their stand on the issue. Hence, they coined it moral dumbfounding.

3. Sympathetic Pain- this is the pain that you feel when someone happens to be in pain. An example would be is when you saw an object strike someone and they looked like they were in pain after it, consequently for some reason; it feels like you felt it too.

There are seven more things that your brain is tricking you to do and you are not even aware of it. Check them out on List Verse's link below.

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