Top 20 Weirdest RVs In The World. Youre Never Going To Believe What RV #14 Is.

There are some people who can make art out of garbage, and then there are some people who can make a totally unique RV out of the last things you would expect. These "Top 20 Weirdest RVs In The World. You're Never Going To Believe What RV #14 Is," are some of the whackiest vehicles you'll find at the park!

After spending two winters traveling across the United States, I have to admit I have seen my fair share of original RV's and vehicles, but after taking a look at these Top 20 Weirdest RVs In The World, I feel like I hadn't seen a fraction of whats out there. It takes a really creative person or team, to conjur up these unique RVs, you really have to take a look for yourself, you'll never see RVs the same way again. Some of the RVs created on this page include; tent trailer on top of bus, motorhome and Harley Davidson motorcycle combined, VW beetle and over the cab camper, Toyota Prius and camper, plane on top of an ambulance combined with a truck, airstream trailer with an oldsmobile, VW van and bus, bus on top of a bus, and firetruck and slide in camper.

The best thing about all these authentic creations is that they get us talking, smiling, laughing, and thinking. I'd really like to take a look inside some of these RVs, and talk to the people that made them, because if anything they are conversation starters, you just can't pull up to a campground in one of these RVs and expect privacy, because more than likely people are going to be stopping by and inquiring about your creation, I can't imagine the comments ever ceasing to end.

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