Totally Awe Inspiring Owl Wood Carved Log Seat

Do you have a log home that would be the perfect backdrop for this owl wood carved log seat? What a gift, to be able to carve figures out of wood. And to be able to wield a powerful chainsaw to do it! Professional chainsaw wood sculptor Andy Burgess does just that, creating beautiful and unique furniture out of wood logs with his trusty chainsaw. Andy can carve just about anything, including gorgeous, one-of-a-kind garden furniture and hes at your service for creating something special just for you. But he also has a particular penchant for carving owls out of wood! Right down to the minutest details, Andy knows his owls and can make a stunning likeness of one, just for you.

Andy has been carving wood like for six years now since 2009, after being so inspired by his brother Tim Burgess, also a wood carver, who helped him get started. And now, Andy uses his talents and the tools required to provide made-to-order sculptures like, for example, sculptural seating and organic design columns - for private, public, and corporate clients alike! Imagine these pieces in a luxury log house, or in the lobby of a rustic log ski resort.

But back to the owls for a second, because they are truly an intriguing aspect of Andys work. How in the Heavens can he carve that tiny beak and those little feathers with such a large blade? Slow, patient, and careful movements are key as well an acute and never-swaying focus. Just watch him work he never blinks an eye; he cant afford to. And speaking of eyes, whats his special trick for the owls eyes? Those large, round, black and shiny eyes that seem so alive, full of warmth and wisdom. How in the world does he create those? The secret is a blow torch! And he uses this for the final touches of his masterpiece, including the beak as well. A rustic log cabin and this artistic log furniture side by side, would be the perfect combination.

For more pictures of Andys chainsaw wood sculptures, and a video of him creating as well, please visit the Goods Home Design website below!

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