Tranquil Pond House Generates Energy Instead of Consuming It

Its hard to believe just how tranquil this pond house is. Just looking at it makes you feel all peaceful and serene. And the best thing about it? Instead of consuming vast amounts of energy, it actually generates it!We could all really learn from a house built like this one as its been created in total harmony with nature. Thats why it looks so serene it not only blends in with its environment, its literally a part of it.

Designed by Holly & Smith Architects, a company based in Louisiana, this house is completely and gloriously sustainable. Each and every detail has been added with Mother Nature in mind. For example, the gentle slope of its roof has a triple purpose shelter, maximum solar exposure, and it also allows rainwater to pour back into the pond! How perfect is that? The Pond House is also jam-packed with eco-friendly features - like airtight insulation, LED lighting, and energy star equipment. It also has a temperature control system of the highest efficiency. The structure also makes the very most of natural lighting and cross-ventilation and is built for seasonal consistency.

Can an eco friendly home also be gorgeous and luxurious? You bet, and this beautiful home is living proof! The Pond House literally glows like a beacon in the night. And in the daytime, it appears to be in deep reflection as it overlooks the pond, surrounded by oaks and evergreen trees.What a lovely residence, and what an amazing retreat this would be! Imagine stepping out the front door and getting into your canoe for a sweet morning paddle. This is a place where you could truly restore your soul.

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