Turn Logs And Stumps Into Furniture With Some Chainsaw Skills

All parts of a tree has an essential use to most enterprises and manufacturing industries. From the leaves down to the roots, in one way or another, all have varying applicability. Even the leaves of coconut trees can be used as ceilings for nipa huts and pavilions. Milled timber and logs are widely used for building houses. Residues extracted from tree roots can be used as oil for cooking and what-not. What Mother Nature produces cannot be underestimated; she feeds out everything that has benefit, breaking all things natural back down to once again become a part of the life cycle.

Along with burning tree logs or stumps for firewood, here is something really interesting you can build. Those stumps sitting in your backyard might be something of purpose you have not thought of just yet! Here are a few practical uses for logs and stumps which will inspire you!

Turn that tree stump into a nice arm chair. You need not be a master of chisel, chainsaw or any cutting instruments! Just an ample knowledge of those tools is enough. And dont forget about protecting your hands and working gloves! Draw an outline on the top surface of the stump. Carve it deep until you feel you have reached the base of where will want to sit. Then remove the inside portion of the stump. It should be wide enough so you wont have problems fitting into it. Smooth out the collar of the stump, adjust the armrest and you have yourself a creative wooden chair!

Large logs can be designed and carved into lawn seats or long benches. Tree stumps can also be useful by crafting them into a lawn tables and flower stands. There are actually a hundred of ways you can turn those logs into something functional and helpful. Before you toss or burn things look if you can find a creative way to make use of some of these things. If you a lot of access to logs and stumps, this could even become a source of revenue if you made and sold the very natural outdoor furniture.

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