Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

Before you even begin, you need to know about this food blogger that we love, Lindsay, from Life, Love and Sugar. Her meals and photography are both high class, and we are so happy to have found her and get to share her recipe with you! The recipe that we want to share with you is none other than her Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Layer Cake. Are you a cookie lover? Can't you live a day without devouring your favorite cookies? Do you prefer eating them during snack break or warmed up with a class of milk? .

The recipe is a three layered cake recipe that will be especially fancied by the cookie lovers out there. Each layer is made from cookies...but not just any cookies...3 different kinds of cookie cake flavors? In this dessert you don't have to choose between your favorites because you get them all! Classic chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip cookie cake and Funfetti cookie cake, Each layer of the cake is divided with a rich vanilla butter cream. To enhance the final presentation, although this idea is laughable since the cake is already such a masterpiece, you can add some sprinkles a a few dollops of frosting. Really, this makes the perfect birthday cake that the kiddies won't soon forget.

Although there are a lot of ingredients needed for this cake, they are all relatively basic, and if you bake a lot you will possibly already have them in your cupboard. If not, then keep in mind that the best way to make sure that you actually do some baking is to have the proper ingredients on hand. For me, baking comes as a whim and if I have everything available, then likely the house will smell like divine warm cookies (or cake!), if not then I will put it out of my mind until the next whim. Now it is time for you to enjoy! Visit Life, Love And Sugar website below to see the full details and pictures of this delectable recipe.

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