Video shows 10 white lights over Osaka, Japan

In this otherworldly Youtube video that shows 10 white lights hovering over Osaka, Japan, there are unexplainable clusters of white lights moving around individually in a video sure to be closely examined by UFO enthusiasts. The poster stated that these balls tended to hover and then dart across the sky with surprising speed, and compared them to lights seen at a Hyde Park concert in London in June. In that case, there were several white lights in the sky that were though to have been caused by the reflection of the concert lights, which seems plausible, but that concert took place at night while these glowing white balls were spotted in daytime. It seems difficult to believe that a mere reflection of light in broad daylight could create ten independent spheres of light that each moved independently and yet were part of a larger group of ten. Is it possible that this is either a group of alien UFOs, or some sort of experiment or prototype of advanced lights or aircraft? Though why would such an experiment be conducted in broad daylight just overhead of buildings in public in Japan? One thing is for sure, if these are not easily explainable reflections of light, then they would have to have some really out there explanation, such as UFOs, because these hovering white lights certainly came from somewhere, though no one yet knows where.

One of the real beauties of Youtube is that anyone can take a video of a special phenomenon and upload it for all to see in real time, so these mysterious 10 hovering white lights in Japan will likely soon be investigated to see what could have caused it. The other great thing is that people can see with their own eyes bizarre things that would otherwise be quickly dismissed normally. While the user is anonymous in this case, probably to avoid potential backlash from disbelievers, he has taken a thought provoking video that makes one wonder why these lights are hovering in that particular area in full daylight, and why they seem to slowly meander through the sky instead of quickly coming and going like in the Hyde Park case. These are interesting questions that could prove mind-blowing if no obvious explanation surfaces soon.

Personally, I have always believed that aliens in some form must exist in the universe somewhere, the odds are too slim that out of trillions of planets only the Earth possess life. Yet who and when these mysterious beings may present themselves to us is unknown, which is why many people look for unexplainable phenomenon as either a possible signal or sign that advanced alien life does in fact exist. These hovering lights could prove to nothing at all or something incredible, we will have to wait and see.

Now it is time for you to see this fascinating video showing 10 white lights over Osaka, Japan for yourself, and see what you think.

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