Wartime Bomb Shelter Conceals a Tiny and Unexpected Vacation Home

Watch out, people! This article is explosive…and awesome! This wartime bomb shelter is the only bomb thing that you’ll love. *winks* “Why?” The ‘bomb shelter’ may sound dangerous, but this time, architects have placed a beautiful thing inside. This shelter is used during the war, and when you get inside, you will see a very beautiful tiny home. *winks* This old bomb shelter saves the day! Would you like to go in a tour with me? “Yes, please!” Very well! Let’s go inside and explode! Oh, sorry. I mean enjoy! *big smile*

This now-tiny home is located in Fort Vuren in the Netherlands. It is converted by Architects Kelly Hendriks and Bruno Despierre from the B-ILD Architecture in Belgium. As stated by Lucy Wang from Inhabitat, this bunker-tiny home is created for Famous’ campaign. The house is now a holiday destination and is available for rent and accommodations. When you look at it closely, some parts of the house are made of wood. “Meranti plywood was used to provide a bright contrast to the concrete walls and black steel materials,” says Wang. The furnishings are unique too. “All of the furnishings are custom-made and multifunctional—furniture can fold or slide away—to allow optimal use of the small space,” Wang adds. In other words, the furniture inside has double functions. As cited in Arch Daily, “stools are used as a bedside table, a coffee table or a step.” This tiny home consists of a kitchen, living room, and a bedroom. If a deck is your favorite part at home, you won’t miss it here. Sunbathing? You can do it there. *winks* “From the deck you can take in a panoramic view of the surroundings.” This house can do everything, guy! *winks*

Do you want more information? Just click Inhabitat’s website below to view this wonderfully converted tiny home.

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