What $1,500 in Rent Gets You in 11 U.S. Cities

If youíre weary of paying ridiculously high rent for a tiny apartment in the city, why not consider moving to a new location where you can get more for your money? Just to give you some ideas, this Mashable article by Sylvan Lane tells us what $1,500 in rent can get us in 11 U.S. cities. There are some great pictures here too!

First of all, itís absolutely amazing how much location can make a difference in the cost of rent. If you live in NYC, youíre pretty darned lucky to get a closet space with a shared bathroom for this amount of cash. Our question is Ė how do people survive here at all without having to live in a cardboard box? Itís this sort of thing that makes people dream of moving to Iowa and building a tiny house.

Speaking of Iowa, letís head over to Iowa City for a sec. Here, you can rent a whole house for $1,500 a month. Yep, thatís right! A 2-story, 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom HOUSE with a whole yard even. Not nearly as exciting as LA or San Fran or NYC, but wow, if youíre raising a family, this would be the place to do it. Apparently land is much more affordable here too if youíre still opting for that tiny house.

And for the sake of contrast, letís visit Washington DC next. Here, you can get a studio apartment and one whole bathroom to yourself for $1,500. It ainít much space, but still bigger than New York, plus youíre in the nationís Capital and itís pretty happeniní here.

Or if you prefer a slightly warmer climate, how about San Francisco? The studios here arenít much bigger than NYC, but if youíre lucky you wonít have to share a bathroom. You wonít get tons of snow in the winter, and youíre on the West Coast so itís worth it right?

For more $1,500 rentals in US cities, plus a great bonus video, please visit the Mashable website below!

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