What Your Nose Says about Your Personality

Whether you like it or not, the shape of your nose has something to do with your personality. Aside from the fact that our nose is use for breathing, as a sense of smell, and can detect more than thousands of smell; our nose comes from different shapes and does serves as an indicator of your character too.

If it happens that you have a big or hooked nose, it simply indicates that you have a more power and strong desire to achieve your goals and work independently. People who have big nose prefer to be bossy and wants to be their own boss and never settle for small task. The smaller noses tends to be impatient most of the time and easily gets frustrated which leads to temper outbursts, but they are the kind of person who does their work hard and doesn't have any issues regarding any repetitive work.

People who has a long nose simply indicates that you have a good sense in dealing business and leadership, while people with short nose has a short drive when getting close to their ambitions. Although these people are considered loyal, sweet, emotional and kind; they are also sensitive and difficult to deal with. Greek noses or the so called straight noses are very clever type of person and is innately helpful in nature.

There are other shapes like a turned up nose, which are loving and supportive kind of person. A Roman nose are people which has an ambitious kind of nature, well-organized and born to be great leaders with a very strong personality. People with wavy nose are fun-loving type of person and Nubian nose like Barrack Obama are people who are open minded and very expressive.

Since you now already know the different shapes of nose and its alternative interpretation, its up to you to evaluate in yourself the meaning if it definitely suits your personality. Share this to your friend and know their reactions. Have fun!

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