Who Would Have Thought Tiny Cabin Living Could Be So Affordable and So Gorgeous?

Get some great inspiration from some great Tiny Houses On Wheels, Inside Remodelling On Houses On Wheels. Tiny houses on wheels are the perfect place to call home for anyone who wants to embrace tiny house living in a more nomadic, gypsy like way. People are beginning to come to the realization that they don't need much to be happy in life, and that they want to live simpler lives and do what brings them joy. A life that is free from debt and free from a bunch of stuff bogging them down so that they can spend more time doing what is truly important. It is so wonderful to see that people are making their way back to a simpler lifestyle, living more meaningful lives. We all could stand to get rid of more than half of the stuff we own. And when you simplify your life you realize just how little you miss all of the stuff you had before and how little meaning it actually had for you. It is a very freeing and liberating way to live life and more people are jumping on board the tiny house wagon!

The tiny house movement is a return to simplicity, a return to using what you have instead of buying more stuff. It is a lifestyle of resourcefulness, and mindfulness, where people practice a more conscious approach to living their lives. Instead of just grabbing anything that is available to them, they make conscious, mindful choices about the kinds of products they buy, to what things they keep in their homes. It is very much a lifestyle that says, embrace more of what you love and let go of the rest. If you don't use it regularly, you probably don't need it. It is really a beautiful way of life that helps you to stay true to who you really are, and makes you appreciate the simple things.

Some of the houses you see on this post are prefabricated, like the first one, this one would be what is called a Park Model, sort of like a mobile home. People are building these all the time, and they are considered tiny houses, but they have to be stationary, and not just on the go. Other ones in the photos show ones that don't exceed the highway regulations of 40 feet long and 13 feet high, so they would be ok to drive around and be more mobile. I love the more rounded, oval shaped one, it really reminds me of a gypsy wagon, perfect for a nomadic soul who wants to travel around with their home right on the back of their truck! As you will see from the interior photos, there is totally enough room in most of them too. Sometimes enough for two people to live in comfortably!

Since the tiny house movement has taken off, there have been so many different tiny houses coming out on the market, and so many different designs. Which is the other thing, building a tiny home of your own is a chance to express your individual style and build a house that you love, with your unique style. Pretty much anything goes when it comes to building your own tiny house and as you can see in the photos in this post, there are so many amazing and unique houses out there, each one different than the next, just like their owners.

There are also options for when you are building a tiny home on wheels. You can choose to build it all from scratch on your own, or build from a tiny house kit, or, you can hire someone to build it for you. Most people who have built their tiny homes have loved the satisfaction that it has brought them and they can proudly say that they built their own home where they live, which is pretty cool, right?

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