Why living off the grid will get a lot easier in 25 years

Please tell me that I’m not alone in loving off-the-grid. Please. “Off the grid? Love? Are you kidding me? *silence* No. You are not alone in this off-the-grid madness, my dear friend.” “Na, I don't think I'll ever live off the grid. I’m not used to living traditionally. It ain't that simple, dude.” “Who would like living without being connected to the electricity grid?! IT’S NOT EASY!” *raises my hand* I do! I would gladly give up my high-tech life in the city just to have a sustainable living. Although, I would admit that it’s not going to be a walk in the park. However, it’s not going to be that not-so-easy forever. Why? You might want to check out why living off the grid will get a lot easier in 25 years.

First of all, the world is changing, so are the people and technology behind renewable energy. Reporter Cadie Thompson from CNBC says, “As the technology behind renewable energy evolves—and improves—more consumers will opt to cut ties with utility companies and become their own power source.” Atty. James Wrathall from Sullivan and Worcester says, as quoted by Thompson, “I think consumers are gaining power in the equation, and they see these availabilities of this technology and they are seeing the benefit economically and they are going to demand it and they are going to get it.”

So why would it get a lot easier in 25 years? One reason stated is the battery revolution. As mentioned by Thompson, Jamais Cascio, a futurist and senior fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies says that “advancements in solar and battery technologies will help drive the power shift even further.” Still, according to Cascio, this improvement will be essential “to a revolution that will make any kind of living off the grid not just possible, but easy.” They will be the key to the transition.

Battery revolution is not the only reason living off the grid will be easier in 25 years. To read and know more, click on CNBC website below.

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