Why Raised Garden Beds Can Change Your Life!

Raised Garden Beds! The only way to go. Are you one of those gardeners that says "Next year I am treating myself to raised garden beds." "Okay well its here, Next Year I mean." Spring has arrived and we are all itching to get out there and get our gardens going.

Having worked in a garden center for several years, one of the common things I would hear was the garden was too big and bending over was backbreaking. The trend was heading towards square foot gardening and hi-density growing in small well maintained and fertilized gardens.

There are so many good things about these small raised beds, where to begin? The obvious first is you bring your garden up to whatever level you want. These small gardens are much easier to maintain. They are less expensive in soil and fertilizer. They are so much easier to control the watering in. All gardeners know that the watering is one of the most important parts. You don't want to overwater; you want to be mindful as your plants are growing not to wet the leaves all the time. Drip irrigation is so much easier when you are using raised beds. Even if you do not have the luxury of drip irrigation, this type of gardening is more fun when it comes to watering and to weeding!

We are featuring some planter from Wayside Gardens in this article. This line of raised garden bed offers you a natural finish or safe finish on the wood. There are several sizes you can choose from.

If you are building your own boxes, be sure that you also use a 'Cedar Garen Oil' that not only protects the wood, but is completely food safe.

Often DIY home builders make these wonderful raised garden beds but don't realize that you do not want to treat the boards with toxic finishes, so be certain if you are making your own you either leave your wood untreated or you get the food safe finish.

Please visit the 'Wayside Gardens' website below to see the models of raised beds, as well as their plant catalog. Here's hoping this is finally your year to have your raised garden beds.

Learn MORE at Wayside Gardens

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