Wonderful DIY Glowing in the Dark Log Campfire Stools

As an avid do-it-yourselfer, I am always looking for new ways to re-use and re-purpose things for my home and garden. My favorite thing to recycle is natural wood. I started looking online for a log project. I first found instructions for a log bench, but quickly realized the size and weight were cumbersome to work with and costly to move. So I started to look for more ideas when I saw some photos using smaller log pieces to make into stools. These looked easy to move, store and the best part - looked easy enough for me to be crafty and do-it-myself. After asking my husband to chop the log up into pre-marked "log stools", we let them dry in a covered area for a few more weeks. The log was pretty dry when we bought it, but the more the wood dries, the more it shrinks and the easier it is to remove the bark and to sand. You can use a variety of different sandpapers and really take your time going over it until it is smooth to the touch.

After your logs are soft, smooth and sanded - they are ready to be painted. But not just any paint! The best part about this project is we are using glow-in-the-dark paint to make glowing log stools. You could paint the entire log, but I am only going to paint the tops of mine. Once I painted the top and let it dry, I lightly sanded down the tops to allow a bit of the wood grain to show through prior to coating the stools with layers of polyurethane to seal them and let them be waterproof. Now for the best part! At dusk, let the stools rest near an outdoor light so they "get charged" and viola! As soon as the night comes you will see these charming and inviting log stools, softly glowing and inviting you to come sit in the backyard around the fire pit or to watch the night sky. For more photos be sure to visit the 'Wonderful DIY' link just below!

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