WOOD-BURNING for log furniture!

When it comes to interior decorating everyone has their own personal style, from modern, rustic, country to contemporary each home is a reflection of both the owner and the builder. These side table and stools show how "WOOD-BURNING for log furniture!," is a unique and modern look for any home.

The triple black collection from Andrianna Shamaris, are a collection of burnt black stools and side tables, in a beautiful black look suitable for any interior decorating project, from rustic, country to modern. The solid organic shaped teak side tables and stools, are literally burnt, sanded and sealed with a smooth finish. This gorgeous triple burnt line of furniture, is burnt three times producing a charcoal finish with an impressive depth of color not achievable using regular stains and finishes. These tables look both modern and organic, and are available in both matte and gloss finishes. I would really love to see the process of finishing these tables, they are quite beautiful and would look great in any home.

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