Would you live in this tiny 560 square foot Riverfront Log Home for 30K?

A popular idea for many young families is that of owning a vacation log cabin or retreat. Its easy to imagine summers spent away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a getaway log home that allows for some much-needed rest, and a place to create family memories. That is why you are sure to be intrigued when you see the log home kit for this 560 square foot Riverfront Log Home for $30,000. This log home kit is just one of the options you will find when you start to look for a place of your own. The Riverside log home kit a small-sized, one-story log home kit which is perfect for the lake, beside the river, mountainside or beach front. Imagine spending time away in an adorable log cabin of your own. The Riverfront log home kit has 560 square feet, one bedroom and one bathroom. Of course, when you start to do your log home research you will be flooded with a variety of log cabin kits and log home kits to the point of being overwhelmed. But rest assured if you just take your time, and this is something you are considering, you want to look into all your available options. Also, you want to be sure and ask lots of questions and determine what your log home kit budget is, and go from there.

Looking at the log cabin homes kits and home kits are just the first part, you'll then have to determine where you are going to build your dream vacation log cabin or home. Will you build in the country close to farmland, or beside a lake or river, perhaps you'll want to be in the forest close to hiking trails and trees? Only you know what is best for you and your family, not to mention where you live, this will also determine what log home kits are available. Wherever you end up deciding to build your log home kit, you will discover that building your log cabin or home takes time and a certain amount of patience, but in the end, you will have a place that you can take pride in, as you were part of the whole process. You can also appreciate all the work that goes into building a log cabin, and feel pride when you are sitting on your deck relaxing in the sun with your family.

The Riverside log home kit from eLogHomes is one of the most energy efficient log home kits you will find. The air tight log connection system was tested in 1991 by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center which did an air infiltration test of 8 log homes, which were produced by four different log home manufacturers, in for different states. The log home kits test showed that the eLogHome system had the lowest air infiltration rate of all the log home kits that were tested. Also, when compared to a computer model of a conventionally built home kit with two by six framed insulated walls, the eLogHome had an annual heating energy prediction which was 7.4 percent better than the conventional home log home. Other reasons that the eLogHOme log walls also perform so well is because of the true notch and pass system (not butt and pass) that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint. The eLog Home also has hardwood dowel and caulking for all in-line vertical log joints.

This is just one of the log home kits you will find on the eLog Homes site. The site has a variety of home kits and log cabin home kits to choose from. **

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